Adversity is not the enemy

Rule 4: Never become pompous or arrogant. Adversity is not the enemy; stay humble.

Being arrogant typically turns people off and in most cases, people will not do business with people when they do not appreciate their character. You have to be careful about what people see because they may not see what you wanted to see and they might not see the true you.

On the other hand, people tend to gravitate toward the humble. Being grateful and thankful shows others that you are a kind soul. People enjoy working with easy-going understanding and especially non-judgmental people. Being humble shows consideration for others.

Remember, adversity is what makes you stronger. You have to lose before you can win. You have to meet challenges before you can succeed. You have to hear no before you can truly appreciate that yes. Adversity is like food for the soul, it keeps you on your toes and it keeps you open-minded. It’s important to understand what you face and not make things personal.

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