Cutting ties cleanly

Rule 13: Cut ties quickly if someone is not aligned with your vision.

When you get involved with someone that you share ideas with, or someone who watches your progress, listen carefully to what they have to say. Ask yourself if their motives align with your vision. If it’s not a match break ties quickly and move it move on. If you do not they will ensure that you fail at whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.

You can tell immediately when someone is not aligned with your vision simply because there will always be faultfinding. They will never see things your way and they will always try to provide an answer that does not align with what you’re trying to do. Rather than argue with them it’s best just to pay attention to what they’re saying and just move on smartly without them. For example, don’t call as frequently, or don’t invite them to your events, etc…

How should you move forward after cutting ties?

Just do it. Do not make it a scene or explain. If you get into the discussions about the situation, then it gets personal and messy. It is important to just let it/them go away quietly.

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