Deal in facts

Rule 11: Don’t take anything personally. This is a waste of your time.

The energy used to concern yourself about if someone likes you or not is a waste of your time. You have no control of things outside of your sphere of influence. Someone’s personal comments are just that, they have to be substantiated professionally to make a difference.

By not taking things personally put the ownership in its rightful place…on the sender, not the receiver. For example, as a Deacon in my Church, my training states that if someone comes to me with a personal problem, my practice is to send them to the appropriate scripture that deals with their issue. So when it is all said and done, they cannot come back and say that I instructed them to do something vice the understanding of the Bible scripture.

The best advice I can offer is only to deal with the facts. When someone starts putting their own personal agenda in action, the situation becomes tangled.

When you’re not picked for a promotion even though you know you were (according to you) the best person for the job, it’s tempting to make things personal and say ‘they just don’t like me’. But there are facts you may have missed. There’s a different side to every situation.

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