Handle Ambitions with Caution

Rule 10: Be discerning about whom you trust with your ambitions.

In today’s environment, not everyone that smiles at you is your friend or has your best interests at heart. As you move down the road of success, some will applaud you, these are the individuals that you may allow to get closer to you but still with caution. Others will pretend to be your friend just to obtain your information or learn your strategy. This is why it is critical to vet your friends carefully.  

If you find yourself sharing your ambitions with the wrong person, the absolute best thing to do, as I mention in my book The System Is Unforgiving, (Rule #13) is to cut ties quickly and don’t look back. Keep moving forward. Once the decision has been made, make peace with it and move on.

We all have an intuition (trusting your gut as it is called). You will know or sense the unbalance with the individual you are dealing with at this time. Don’t be hasty to second guess your intuition.

Conversely, a good person’s spirit will shine through and you will know. Like mentioned, always proceed carefully no matter who it is. (New or Old friends)

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