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by Allen F. Maxwell

What kept me alive and striving in my life was the identification and adherence to the 15 Rules of the System as listed below.

I built many of these rules before I was even 30 years old, so I am speaking to the young when I say that if you play your cards right, you can set yourself up for life. If you are older, or in middle-age like me, then you get to reflect, reform and move forward with greater wisdom than you ever knew you had before.

Take my Rules of the System as your own, or make your own set of rules, but either way, let the life you have lived, and the systems you have navigated and are currently navigating, inform you of your compass. You cannot go wrong, even if situations or people go haywire on you in your ascension in life. You will have the rules to fall back on and course correct you in all scenarios, big and small.

The 15 Rules of the System:

    1. Seek, identify, and appreciate your mentors. They have been put in your life to push you to greatness.
    2. Stay focused on the objective and continuously re-evaluate your game plan.
    3. Constantly survey the environment to ensure every day you see where you are at.
    4. Never become pompous or arrogant. Adversity is not the enemy; stay humble.
    5. It is not important to always win; let others win.
    6. Own your mistakes but don’t take the fall for others.
    7. Never be too demanding.
    8. Be flexible to change but stand your ground ethically.
    9. Stay close to your circle, which should be extremely small (1 or 2).
    10. Be discerning about whom you trust with your ambitions.
    11. Don’t take anything personally. This is a waste of your time.
    12. Don’t let the haters distract you from your objectives.
    13. Cut ties quickly if someone is not aligned with your vision.
    14. Always have rainy-day money.
    15. In marriage, effective communication is paramount.

If you apply these Rules of the System,, to your life, regardless of the kinds of people or the landscape, the results will be positive. My personal life experiences best illustrate my development and application of the rules, and therefore I share them wholeheartedly with you.

Culture, race, creed, or color do not come into context when navigating the system. This is one of the first hurdles for you to overcome or it will hold you back.

Imagine what you can accomplish if you continue to apply the rules to your life that you have learned from each experience. That is working the system.

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