Rigidity is the killer of dreams

Rule 8: Be flexible to change but stand your ground ethically.

If someone doesn’t understand the importance of change, how can they improve their lot in life? The only constant thing is change. 

Being aware of your surroundings will allow you to see the Systems that are around you. Rigidity is the killer of dreams. Knowing what’s shifting around you is critical as you move in your space. Flexibility allows you to adjust to what’s around you.  

Standing your ground is standing up for what’s right. Going back to rule #5,  letting others win in the moral aspect is also standing your ground. Knowing when is critical to moving forward or backward. 

Standing your ground doesn’t mean that you are being bullheaded or stubborn. Make your point. If it’s not taken, don’t waste your time trying to convince others of your point. Respectfully agree to disagree.

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