Sometimes losing is winning

Rule 5: It is not important to always win; let others win.

In conversation, if you shut someone down and don’t allow them to express themselves or show their knowledge this could suppress them from helping you. To be the know-it-all can be very negative in the communicative environment. Allow individuals to speak their thoughts, right or wrong. 

It is a red flag when you see someone value winning over the main objective. People of this caliber tend to have large egos and are, in most cases, very ignorant. You have to be aware of that individual and understand who you’re dealing with during the work process. People that overlook the main objective and base everything on winning tend to be losers. Yes, it’s nice to be noticed but sometimes losing is winning. 

In some cases, you allow others to win by driving them in a direction that the situation needs to go but you let it be their idea rather than yours. Allowing individuals this opportunity will encourage them, engage them, and they will become a stronger member of the team.

I deal with this on a daily basis. As the CEO of my company, many of our employees have great ideas. Some people will have ideas that are out to lunch while others may have ideas that are right on point. In either case, I will allow them to express their thoughts, their ideas, and their objectives. If what they propose is a little far-fetched, I will ask questions to bring them back into the fold. This is so much more encouraging and nurturing than just giving them the answers as if they are taking a test. I have learned over time that encouraging people is far more beneficial for both you and them than shooting them down.

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