The Balance of Demand

Rule #7: Never be too demanding.

We are people of intellect and we understand what we need to do once it’s explained to us. How you resolve a problem is up to an individual’s preference. If someone is being pushy and demanding, it only shuts others down and they’re not going to give you they’re all. The best approach is to always appreciate what someone brings to you and accept the best that they have to offer.

The key to not being demanding is respecting others’ abilities and understanding that what they have to give is the best they had to give. You have to know the difference between their honest best or just trying to placate you and not give you everything they have. Once again, being too demanding can push someone over the edge, especially if you’re pushing them past the point of their abilities.

On the other hand, sometimes when you’re not being demanding enough people will take your kindness for weakness. You have to differentiate between what you’re capable of doing and what someone is trying to make you do. You have to look at your schedule and you have to look at your abilities and if it’s something that’s within your scope then that’s fine but it has to be at your time on your time. It’s important to understand your place in the overall scheme of things.

A good way to not be too demanding is to survey your surroundings. Once you understand who you are dealing with and what is expected of you, you can move forward. Let others move at their own pace within their abilities to get you the desired outcome. If you push this too hard you’re going to get a rush job or an incomplete job that you’re not going to be happy with. Let the process flow.

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