The Objective of Re-evaluate

Rule #2 in my book is “Stay focused on the objective and continuously re-evaluate your game plan.”

This rule is very important if you have decided where you want to go in life. You have to know what your game plan is going to be and have your objectives defined. Make sure you have a clear vision as to where you are going. It is important to know the starting points but it’s even more important to know the finishing points. So being focused and having a clear plan will ensure that you accomplish your goals.

When you lay out a plan you try and execute that plan. If that plan doesn’t workout accordingly you make adjustments but as you make these adjustments you cannot lose focus of why you began in the first place. Re-evaluating your objectives allows you to look at where you are going. You have to ask yourself; Does everything align with what I started out trying to do? If all of that is In Sync you’re doing well. But you must do this constantly to make sure you stay on course. I like to call these tune-ups.

It is very obvious when you lose focus because things start to fall apart. When this is the case, you have to react quickly or else things will get out of control. So it’s important to be vigilant once you establish your goals and stay on track. It also helps to write your plan down. It’s easier to follow this way, and it helps you also know when you fall off track. By giving yourself deadlines and a calendar of events, you’ll know if you’re ahead or behind.

The way you regain focus is to remember what your objective was in the beginning. You have to reassess what your goals are and ask yourself if you are moving toward them. Another good way to stay focused is it try to put yourself in a happy space mentally. It’s easier to concentrate if you believe in and enjoy what you’re doing. Stay the course and do not waver.

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