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The System Is Unforgiving

Play by The Rules and Win

The System is Unforgiving: Play by the Rules is a must-have book for those young or old. Regardless of your circumstances, if you apply Allen’s rules to all aspects of your life, you will succeed in the face of any opposition..

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Words from our author

Maxwell speaks from experience. His first book, The System is Unforgiving, was published in the midst of the global pandemic and, within a few weeks, had become a best-selling business book on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon best seller lists.

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About the author

Humble upbringings did not deter Allen Maxwell from an incredible and dynamic global journey in the Navy and later in the private sector as a defense contractor.

While navigating complex dynamics in both worlds, he developed the Rules of the System, that would be critical to survive challenging circumstances such as serving in the Philippines amid political unrest, a near death collision on the USS Kinkaid, and a devious internal plan to usurp his leadership in Guantanamo Bay.

“Servant Leader, Guardian, Mentor, are my apt descriptors for Allen Maxwell! A truly ethical and moral leader, Allen is committed to providing his most valuable insights in his inspirational book in order to ease the journey for our next generation entering the work force! Allen’s lessons learned are a must read for our youth and will provide a path for their success.”

Dr. Michael C. Bachmann, Rear Admiral, United States Navy (retired)






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