Adapting to a Changing Environment

Things are continuously changing – situations change, the environment changes, and people change. In a certain environment what might work for one may not necessarily work for another, therefore, you must constantly adjust your goals to fit where you are and who you are.

Surveying your environment means constantly seeking advice and asking questions. Your first priority is to know your environment. Once you know where you are, your next move is not a textbook move, it’s a situational move. So depending on the situation and the direction you’re heading you will have to act differently. Often this requires letting it come to you versus going after it yourself. Once you understand your environment you will notice when things and people change.

This brings us to your second priority – to know the people in your environment. To stay on the same page with those around you requires regular check-ins, and if you discover that you’re not on the same page, that’s okay, because now you know. Perspective is everything.

There is never a time in my life when I’m not surveying my moves in my environment. This has to become a lifestyle as opposed to an action. When you set your course in life it’s not one and done, it’s continuous. Life is ever-changing because your goals are ever-changing. You have to adjust with a constant positive attitude, mentality, and action. Even when you accomplish milestones, you can’t stand on the stone and do a happy dance, you must move forward and reassess the next level.

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