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Apply these 15 rules to your life and you will thrive says Allen F. Maxwell, author of The System is Unforgiving: Play by the Rules and Win, published by A Story Inside Books, $19.99 hardcover, $8.49 eBook,

Maxwell speaks from experience. His first book, The System is Unforgiving, was published in the midst of the global pandemic and, within a few weeks, had become a best-selling business book on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestseller lists.

Raised on the streets of Philadelphia and in the backwoods of Georgia, Allen knew that to make a life for himself he had to leave. He spent 22 years stationed all around the world and reached the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Three in the U.S. Navy. He entered a new career as an

Aero-Space Engineer at the Space and Naval Warfare Command in San Diego, CA. He now runs Omni2Max, a successful defense contractor business with 100 employees in nine states which supports the federal government.

“While I grew up poor and black in a time of civil unrest, I was blessed that I found mentors throughout my life to help me course correct to the right environment that could bring me to ultimate success,” Allen explains.

All too often, people are afraid to go against their parent’s principles, and this mindset holds them back from following a new path holding far more promise than the life their parents led. But Allen realized life is an unforgiving system and the world his dad grew up in is not the same world he was growing up in. Doing things differently than your parents did is not being disrespectful to them. It is deciding to adapt to your current circumstances.

“We have choices in life. Know who and what you want to be. If you are not clear with your direction, then you won’t know how to orchestrate step one to building a life foundation. The system will swallow you up if you do not have a vigilant eye on the players,” adds Maxwell.

“Many times, I was faced with the choice to fight, give up, or be strategic. As time went on, I chose strategic. No matter what place you are in right now, even if it feels like a crazy environment you can’t change, you can be strategic. You can seek proper mentorships to help you navigate to a new system. An increased acumen for awareness helped me identify various types of people, as well as the good fortune to have a mother and grandmother who saw trouble and pushed me away from it,” he continued.

“Life is an unforgiving system,” Maxwell concluded.

You can learn how to navigate this unforgiving system through the experience, success, and guidance of Allen F. Maxwell.

It has never been more important to have all possible odds in your favor than it is today.

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